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Looking for Child Care?

Looking for Child Care?

A parent has to consider many factors when selecting a child care program for their young child including location, affordability, and availability. It is also critical that parents consider which type of care is best for their child, what curriculum supports their child's needs, and the professional credentials of the staff. While personal recommendations are a great resource, it is imperative that parents be informed consumers when choosing care for their young child.

Choosing out-of-home care for a young child is one of the most important decisions a parent will make. It can be an overwhelming, intimidating, and at times a frustrating experience.

The choice is complicated by the variety of options available to parents. Options range from small family child care homes to large private preschools. Every program is unique with variances in cost, location, teacher credentials, and experiences available to children.

The good news is that help is here. The Early Learning Coalition will help parents break through the wealth of information and help them to make informed decisions when choosing a program for their children.

Next Steps:

1. Find out what options are available for child care and what questions to ask a potential program. Click on How to Choose a Program below for more details.

2. Call our office to receive a customized referral listing of programs or perform an online search and find out how child care programs rate. Click on Child Care Program Online Search below to help you make an informed decision. This System is currently unavailable.

3. Need help paying for child care? The ELC is currently enrolling in our School Readiness program. Click here to sign up for our Unified Wait List.

4. The ELC is here to help you select a child care program that is best for you and your child. To request assistance with choosing a child care program, click here or call 1-866-973-9030.

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