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Voluntary PreKindergarten (VPK)

Voluntary PreKindergarten (VPK)

Florida’s legislatively mandated Voluntary PreKindergarten (VPK) program is intended to prepare every four-year-old in the state of Florida for kindergarten and build a strong foundation for their continued educational success.

VPK is a free, voluntary program that parents of 4 year old children can choose to participate in through either a school year program for a total of 540 instructional hours or a summer program for a total of 300 instructional hours.

Parents can also choose to enroll their child in either a public school or a preschool program offered by a private provider.

The Early Learning Coalition of the Big Bend Region, Inc. (ELC) is the local entity responsible for the implementation and administration of the VPK program in Gadsden, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty, Madison, Taylor, and Wakulla counties.

The ELC enrolls children and providers, and facilitates payments to VPK providers. The ELC also provides up to date information on the VPK program, distributes current VPK policies, offers program guidance and instruction, presents training opportunities, and monitors compliance with VPK policies and standards. An electronic version of the entire Standards for Four-year olds can be downloaded here.

OEL has released new information regarding the VPK Assessment process. Click here (pdf 393.55 kB) to download the NEW VPK 2013-2014 Assessment information.

VPK Provider Applications

Once you have completed the application and gathered all required supporting documents, contact your Contract Case Manager to submit your application.

Download the 14-15 VPK Contract Application  (pdf 1.41 MB)

2013 - 2014 VPK Monitoring Tool (pdf 130.04 kB)

Individual VPK forms can be downloaded below.

Form 10, 11A and 11B Instructions

VPK Form 10

VPK Form 11A

VPK Form 11B

VPK 20 Provider Contract (pdf 527.08 kB)

VPK Contract Attachment A

VPK Contract Attachment B


EFT Authorization Form (pdf 121.23 kB)

VPK Attendance & Parental Choice Certificates

All VPK public and private providers must maintain attendance records for students participating in the VPK program, as well as secure verification from the parent of each student in the VPK program that the child participated in accordance with the attendance reported for payment.

VPK providers must keep a record of each child's attendance as well as complete either the "Long" (Form OEL-VPK 3L) or 'Short" (Form OEL-VPK 3S) Student Attendance and Parental Choice Certificate and keep the originals on file for a minimum of 2 years.

OEL-VPK 3S (Short Form)

OEL-VPK 3L (Long Form)

Class Transfers

If after initial VPK enrollment a child needs to be moved to another classroom at the same provider, Form AWI-VPK 06 Informed Parental Consent for Class Transfers must be completed and submitted to the Coalition before the child can be transferred.

VPK 06 Class Transfer Form

NEW! - VPK Online Registration (For Parents)

On March 8, 2014, the ELC launched the VPK Online Registration process. Providers are encouraged to have their parents register using this new system. If parents do not have access to computers and scanners, please inform them that all of our offices are equipped with these resources. For ELC locations and hours, click here. Need help? Call us at 1-866-973-9030 or email vpk@elcbigbend.org.

VPK Online Registration Flyer (pdf 339.66 kB)

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