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History of the ELC of the Big Bend Region

History of the ELC of the Big Bend Region

Headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida, the ELC proudly serves Gadsden, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty, Madison, Taylor, and Wakulla county. A contracted partner with the State of Florida's Office of Early Learning, the ELC is responsible for the administration of the School Readiness and Voluntary PreKindergarten programs.

The ELC began operations as the Leon School Readiness Coalition in 2001 as required by the School Readiness Act- F.S. 411.01. In response to legislative requirements, the ELC has gone through several transitions, mergers as well as name changes and in 2005 expanded its service area to encompass the seven counties served today.

Throughout this ELC’s history, the Board and staff have strived to provide a holistic service delivery system that is responsive to needs of families and communities while maintaining effective and efficient business practices supporting the following primary goals:

  1. Children are ready for success when they enter school; and
  2. Families have access to the quality child care services and assistance they need.

The ELC staff work everyday at effectively connecting approximately 7,000 children and their families to the early learning program that best meets the needs of the child and family. Working with a network of over 300 child care programs and local community partners, the ELC provides a comprehensive system of services including the following:

Family Services:

Child Services:

Provider/Teacher Services:

The ELC has a strong network of community partners and volunteers that are an integral component of the ELC’s service delivery system. Working with the community, the ELC is the catalyst working to help families be ready to work and children ready to learn.

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