Payment for Services

Payment for Services

Once providers complete the School Readiness Provider Contract process, they become recognized as an Early Learning Coalition School Readiness (SR) Network Provider. Upon receiving a request for enrollment at a recognized SR provider, children will be added to the monthly attendance roster which is then utilized to record attendance throughout the month. Updated rosters are provided in the Provider Portal by 8:00a.m. on the first business day of the month.

Providers must submit their completed rosters monthly in order to be reimbursed for care during that month. Reimbursement is based on reported attendance of eligible children, parent fees assessed and the established reimbursement rate. All provider attendance reporting is completed by providers in the ELC's Provider Portal. Information submitted on the attendance rosters is then internally processed for payment verification and an invoice is submitted to the Office of Early Learning (OEL).

Upon receipt of funds from OEL, Coalition staff initiates electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment for each provider’s individual bank accounts. The ELC then posts the transfer date on the home page of the ELC Provider Portal. Once payments are transferred, ELC staff upload a copy of the EFT, Final Provider Reimbursement Report and any other pertinent documentation to the provider's Reimbursement Payment Detail folder in the Provider Portal.

For questions about or assistance with the reimbursement process, please contact your reimbursement case manager.

School Readiness Reimbursement Rates

Click here to download the School Readiness Payment Rate Schedule

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