Payment for Services

Payment for Services

Payment Rate

Each year, the Florida Legislature sets the Base Student Allocation (BSA) for VPK services. That BSA is then applied to a county differential to determine each county's payment rate for VPK services.

Below you will find the VPK rates effective July 1,2018 – June 30, 2019.

Summer VPK BSA: $2,080

School Year VPK BSA: $2,437

2018-2019 VPK Rates Effective July 1, 2018


School Year VPK Hourly Rate

Summer VPK Hourly Rate

GADSDEN $4.29 $6.59
JEFFERSON $4.28 $6.58
LEON $4.38 $6.74
LIBERTY $4.20 $6.46
MADISON $4.18 $6.42
TAYLOR $4.18 $6.42
WAKULLA $4.29 $6.60

Payment Type

Contracted VPK providers have the option to choose pre-payment or to be reimbursed for services provided.


VPK providers choosing to be reimbursed for services are reimbursed on the same schedule as providers participating in the School Readiness program. Reimbursement is based on reported attendance of eligible children. Providers are only paid funds for children's actual attendance and no reconciliation is necessary.

Contracted VPK providers will be reimbursed unless they elect to receive prepayment for VPK services by selecting that option on Section VII, Paragraph 38 of the Statewide VPK Contract OEL-VPK 20.


Contracted VPK providers who choose pre-payment for services receive 95% of the projected monthly payment rates for enrolled VPK children by the last business day of the month preceding the month of services.

For example, for a provider with 10 enrolled VPK children for the month of November, the projected cost would be determined and the provider would receive 95% of that projected cost by the last business day of October.

Once providers turn in their attendance rosters for VPK services actually provided, then the ELC reconciles the amount pre-paid and the amount that should have been paid based on actual child attendance, and makes up the difference by either recouping over-payments or paying the provider any additional monies owed.

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